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MA School of acting offers a variety of acting classes and workshops to suit your current need. From scene study courses, improv classes and monologue workshops, to the signature, on-camera TV audition conservatory, IN THE ROOMS. 

Any actor will tell you that most of their time is spent in rooms. In a room preparing a self-tape, or in another room auditioning for casting, producers and directors. And eventually, in a room with the studio or the network. Always in the rooms.


TV Audition


Founded by actor Max Arciniega, MA School of Acting offers a range of classes to help actors excel in their creative journey. This includes the IN THE ROOMS: TV Audition Conservatory, a one-of-a-kind experience that guides actors on the ride they will take in their careers auditioning for television. Starting with the foundation building Acting 1: Co-Star and ending with the advanced Acting 4: Series Regular, the curriculum will assist actors in mastering the most important part of the process – the audition.




After graduating from Columbia College Chicago with a theater degree, I decided to go out west to Hollywood, to pursue a career in acting. With an acting foundation in hand, I wanted to give TV and film a shot.  


I had experience acting, but that didn’t magically bleed over to auditioning for television. It took me a while to get comfortable and understand how to use the medium to my advantage. 


Instead of getting down about it, I decided to get active. I invited a bunch of my acting friends to come to my apartment to learn how to improve on our skills. I wanted to mimic the audition process. We gathered once a week and as time went on, I got more and more comfortable. I took that confidence into every audition and I began to book more jobs starting with Co-Stars, then Guest Stars, then Recurring Roles, and finally testing for Series Regular roles


This little class started over 10 years ago, and it still runs once a week to this day. From it, I created a successful, on-camera TV audition workshop called IN THE ROOMS that helped actors with what I consider the most important part of the process -- the audition. 


And from that, the MA School of Acting was born



TV Audition Conservatory (4 week courses)

Co-stars generally have limited lines and scenes, but are still important. These parts are a great way to build your resume. The more co-star work you get, the more casting directors will get to know you, and the more likely you’ll get a chance to work as a guest star. This is especially true in smaller markets. 


In the first part of the curriculum, you will learn: 


  • Creative ways to prepare the night before your audition. 

  • Practical ways to break down co-star scenes to make them stand out. 

  • Camera techniques to create a world that will reflect in your audition tape. 

  • Exercises to open your creative being to make your audition as dynamic as possible. 

  • Exercises to tame your nerves during an audition. 


Actors will be put on camera every class. 


(Must have completed Acting 1: Co Star to participate in this class.)


Guest star roles are important in every television episode. They help propel the lead characters through the narrative and have more scenes and a bigger arc than a co-star role in the episode. Booking guest star roles will help you continue building your resume and become more familiar to casting offices, directors and producers. Building a heavy guest star resume will benefit you when it’s time to be considered for a Recurring role. 


In part two of the curriculum, you will learn: 


  • More in depth script analysis to assist you with larger scenes. 

  • Ways to break down a performance based on the number of scenes provided for the audition. 

  • Ways to use physicality to reveal character. 

  • Techniques to create your own custom emotional toolbox. 


Actors will be put on camera every class. 


(Must have completed Acting 1: Co-star and Acting 2: Guest Star to participate in this class.)

The recurring role plays an important part in the overall season of the series. Here, your character will appear in multiple episodes and will have a much bigger arc spanning throughout the season. Booking a recurring role puts you in a different league as you are now being trusted by casting, producers, the studio and network to handle a larger role. This will help you in reading for bigger parts, including Series Regular roles, and puts you on the path to becoming a lead on a series. 


In the third part of the curriculum, you will learn: 


  • To break down scripts based on your character's arc. 

  • To create a memorable character based on guaranteed episodes. 

  • To make bold, out of the box character choices to build confidence in your auditions. 

  • Ways to continue to add to your custom emotional tool box 

Actors will be put on camera every class. 


(Must have completed Acting 1: Co-star, Acting 2: Guest Star and Acting 3: Recurring to participate in this class.)

The series regular role is almost every actor's dream. As a series regular, you are usually included in every episode of the season. Your story arc is part of all the major storylines in the series. And let’s be honest, the pay jump is substantial. Getting on a successful series can lead to having a higher probability of getting on another series and possibly spawn more opportunities in film. 


In the final part of the curriculum, you will learn: 


  • The highest level of script analysis. 

  • How to break down your performance on a per episode basis. 

  • How to create a character with the arc of a season in mind. 

  • Advanced acting techniques and methods used when tackling lead characters. 


Actors will be put on camera every class. 



MA School of Acting is proud to offer an elite curriculum taught by qualified and dedicated instructors with years of experience in the TV industry. 
Max Arciniega


Born and raised in Chicago, IL,  Max Arciniega is an actor, writer and producer. He attended Columbia College Chicago where he received his B.A in Theatre and is best known for his recurring role as Krazy-8/Domingo on AMC's Emmy Award-Winning show, Breaking Bad and the Emmy nominated, Better Call Saul. Recurring  roles include the critically acclaimed, Golden Globe nominated Unbelievable  for Netflix, Bosch for Amazon, Colony for USA and Full Circle for Direct TV.  He has guest starred on hit shows including Chance, Fringe, Grimm, Blue Bloods, Castle, The Unit, Lie to Me, and Private Practice. Max has professional stage credits including The Goodman Theater  in Chicago, and The Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles.

"Love the art in yourself, not yourself in the art"

- Konstantin Stanislavski



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